Mar 09

Lincoln County Library STEM To-Go Kits are a hit

Libraries have always been the unsung heroes of local communities. They provide a safe and engaging place after school. They bring families together to provide continuing education and fun during the summers. And, more recently, they supplement STEM education with hands-on activities kids can’t get enough of. The Lincoln County... read more →
Feb 25

NC STEM e-Update (Feb. 24, 2022)

NC STEM starts with you. Twice a month the NC STEM Center publishes an e-update on what’s happening in STEM education throughout North Carolina, and their latest edition is now available. View NC STEM e-Update in your browser by clicking here. Not receiving an e-update? Opt-in and subscribe at the... read more →
Feb 22

Leaping into Science in North Carolina

Archimedes needed only a lever. Newton just needed an apple tree. And the kids of Southeastern North Carolina need nothing more than their local library to be up to their ears in science! In 2007, the esteemed Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia launched its Leap into Science program. With... read more →
Dec 10

Beverly Hills STEM Elementary named STEM School of Distinction

Congratulations to Beverly Hills STEM Elementary School for being recognized as a North Carolina STEM School of Distinction! This neighborhood K-5 school is home to nearly 350 students who live and breathe STEM every day and teachers who can’t imagine teaching another way. Megan Charlton, STEM Coach at Beverly Hills... read more →
Nov 17

Snow Hill Primary Awarded NC STEM School of Distinction

Congratulations to the Snow Hill Primary School for being recognized as a North Carolina STEM School Distinction. This unique school is home to over 360 kindergartners and first graders and all are completely immersed in STEM education. Snow Hill is a traditional neighborhood school but, with Principal Emery Smith at... read more →
Nov 17

Congratulations to Oakboro STEM Choice School

Six years ago, the school board in Stanly County voted to shutter Oakboro Elementary. Five years ago, it was reopened as a STEM magnet. And today, Oakboro STEM Choice School has been honored as a North Carolina STEM School of Distinction. Oakboro serves 318 students K through 8 and provides... read more →
Oct 06
Sep 01

Perspective: Mapping Eastern NC’s Blue Economy Corridor

We all have special places in our lives. Lake houses we returned to summer after summer. Mountaintops with views that take your breath away. For Dr. Emily Yeager, that place is the Pamlico River Basin. She spent her childhood swimming in the Tar River and playing along its shores, and... read more →
Jul 20

Perspective | Shaping the values of next-gen superintendents

As we enjoy summer and start to prepare for the upcoming school year, we take a moment to reflect on the previous educational year and meet one last time with three exceptional representatives from the North Carolina School Superintendent Association (NCSSA). In previous interviews, we learned about the foundations of... read more →
May 19

Perspective | Exploring North Carolina’s Aspiring Superintendent Program

In our last installment, we met three representatives from the North Carolina School Superintendent Association (NCSSA). Jack Hoke is the Executive Director who drives the mission to support the state’s educational leaders through professional development, legislative advocacy, legal consulting, and a wealth of networking opportunities. Dr. Rob Jackson has seven... read more →