Educational Leadership

The SMT Center believes that school leaders need ongoing professional support to effectively lead complex school organizations. The SMT Center and the NC School Superintendents Association partner on several programs designed for school leaders.

The Aspiring Superintendents Program prepares current school leaders to become effective superintendents who will lead North Carolina school districts in the future.  The program provides participating educators with information, knowledge, skills, and understanding through experiential learning in a leadership development program. The SMT Center provides a particular focus on the importance of STEM for future-ready students.

The Next Generation Superintendent Development Program supports superintendents as they continue to hone their leadership for transforming education systems. The program guides superintendents as they reflect on and improve their effectiveness as district leaders. The SMT Center shares the latest in STEM-focused inquiry teaching strategies with the superintendents so they are prepared to provide high-quality STEM instruction to their students.