Leap Into Science

The SMT Center is a North Carolina partner of the national Leap into Science program led by the Franklin Institute. The program integrates open-ended science activities with children’s books for young children and their families. Community educators such as librarians, museum and science center staff and early childhood educators receive training and materials and in turn, lead workshops for children and their families. Other members of the State Leadership Team are the State Library of North Carolina, STEM East, STEM SENC and STEM West. Network partners include the North Carolina Center for Afterschool Programs and the Science Network of North Carolina.

Elements of the Initiative

Training and Workshops

Librarians, museum and science center staff and early childhood educators attend a training on the Leap into Science curriculum. The training focuses on the Core Four Strategies – Ask Questions, Encourage Scientific Thinking, Cultivate Rich Dialogue, and Make Connections. During the training each strategy is demonstrated using early childhood literature and simple science investigations. After attending the training, the educators receive access to curriculum and a materials kit to be used with young children and their families. Educators commit to leading at least three workshops using the curriculum and materials.

If you are an early childhood educator at a library, museum/science center or early childhood center and want to lead Leap into Science Workshops, contact Akua Carraway.

If you want to attend a workshop with your young children (ages 3-10), go to NC STEM Center and use the Keywords “Leap into Science” to find a workshop.

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