Eastern NC Inquiry Collaborative Project

Teacher professional developmentSupporting inquiry-based teaching and learning is a key component of the work of the SMT Center. That work happens in partnership with school districts and organizations committed to facilitating student learning that is hands-on, reflective, rigorous, and prepares students to become independent learners. In eastern NC, that work is led by STEM East, the NC Inquiry Collaborative Network, and school districts to create the vision, structure, and capacity for schools to support student-centered inquiry.

Elements of ENCICP


Districts in ENCICP participate in strategic planning and leadership development with classroom teachers and administrators. During multi-day, multi-year strategic planning institutes, school teams develop the vision and strategies for providing and integrating inquiry instruction in all areas of the curriculum. The network of schools involved meets regularly to leverage lessons learned.

Professional Development

Teachers participate in professional development around inquiry instruction. The professional development is designed to support inquiry teaching and includes the use of Smithsonian Science in the Classroom curriculum modules and other tools. Districts have access to Smithsonian Science in the Classroom curriculum modules for grades K-8.


Recognizing many assets in eastern NC support STEM, ENCICP engages museums and science centers and business and industry as partners. Partners provide STEM expertise while formal educators provide a deep understanding of how young people learn.