Nov 02

White House Frontiers Conference announces $300 million in investments


President Barrack Obama hosted the White House Frontiers Conference, which encouraged leaders in science, technology and innovation to look for ways to expand in the next 50 years.

Attendants focused on five areas of innovation: personal frontiers in health care innovation and precision medicine; local frontiers in building smart, inclusive communities; national frontiers in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence; global frontiers in accelerating the clean energy revolution; and interplanetary frontiers in space exploration.

More than 700 researchers, business leaders, technologists, philanthropists, local innovators and students came to Pittsburg to discuss the future of public and private sector science, tech and innovation, which will be followed up in the November issue of WIRED and guest-edited by Obama.

The conference included the announcement of $300 million in investments to support science, tech and innovation. Some of those investments will go to the National Instituted of Health, Precision Medicine and Innovation, artificial intelligence and city technology research and space exploration.

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