Apr 30

STEM ScoreCard Released; Work Ahead for North Carolina

The North Carolina Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Center (SMT) and the NC STEM Learning Network have officially released the first-ever, comprehensive STEM ScoreCard for North Carolina at an evening event at the Emerging Issues Commons at the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library.

The full text of the 2013 NC STEM ScoreCard Overview is available here.

Organizers anticipate that the report will help to establish a base line for STEM resources, education and preparedness statewide, as well as spur further conversation about the necessary improvements, investments and efforts to sustain strong economic and community development related to STEM industries and careers.

“We hope that the report develops dialogue and discussion that there’s more to STEM than just the disciplines, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics,” said SMT Center President and CEO Dr. Sam Houston. “We view STEM as strategies that engage minds – avenues that can help students become independent thinkers, to become more thoughtful about how they approach their work, and to know what to do when they are unsure of what to do next.”

This launch event highlights the release of the STEM ScoreCard, as well as engages education, economic development, and policy leaders from across North Carolina to address the findings of the report in advance of the NC Science Summit, a signature event of the North Carolina Science Festival.

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