2018 Business and Industry Award – Duke Energy Foundation
May 09

2018 Business and Industry Award – Duke Energy Foundation

Duke Energy Foundation Receives 2018 STEM Business and Industry Award

In 2017, the Duke Energy Foundation funded $5.5M in just North Carolina in various STEM programs through different agencies and organizations across the state. Robin Nicholson, a district manager in government and community relations said that there is a need at Duke Energy for highly trained and skilled employees who have the relevant educational background.

“Through all the different programs that we fund through the foundation, we like to make sure that our students are aware of the jobs that are available at Duke Energy,” said Nicholson. “There are many positions that folks don’t even think about that would be available.”

The Duke Energy Foundation has been named the 2018 Business & Industry Award in STEM education from the North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center. This award recognizes a North Carolina business or industry whose support has strengthened science, mathematics, and technology preK-12 education programs in either formal or informal settings.

“We’re going to have needs for skilled, trained workers in all the aspects of our business,” said Nicholson. “We are committed to our communities to make sure that we help our leaders in the communities fill those needs and get the students up to speed so that we can have the workers not just for Duke Energy but for all of the businesses around us.”

Garry Butler who started as a high school intern at Duke Energy and is now a Senior Engineer said that Duke Energy would rather find those engineers in their backyard and to bring those students up and have people who grew up in the area, who love the area, love not just the plant but the community.

“STEM technologies are the future,” he said. “STEM has always been important but I think even more so going forward. I think it is vitally important at any age to expose students to what they can do, what their opportunities are. Because their opportunities and potential is limitless.”