2009 Business and Industry Award Winner SAS
May 16

2009 Business and Industry Award Winner SAS

SAS has long been a supporter of education in North Carolina. Among the highlights of SAS’s leadership for educational innovation in North Carolina are:

  • Creating a growing library of web-based curriculum resources that are highly interactive and engaging for students.
  • Championing the state’s use of the Internet to overcome limitations of geography and resources so that every student and teacher can access high-quality learning.
  • Providing significant support for the William and Ira Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University.
  • Collaborating with four other companies to establish High Five: Regional Partnership for High School Excellence which is committed to all students graduating with high school diplomas well prepared to pursue higher education and careers of their choice.
  • Advocating for and investing in the development of the NC 1:1 Laptop Pilot Initiative that provides 21st Century resources to teachers and students.