Student NCISC Research Rubric Modal Window

North Carolina International Science Challenge: Student Scoring Rubric


+/-4_______Describes the present situation and missing knowledge

+/-5_______Successfully establishes the scientific concept of the research

+/-6_______Exhibits innovation and independence

+/-5_______States hypothesis and provides logical reasoning for it


+/-5_______Experiment relates back to the hypothesis

+/-5_______Demonstrates clear command of the research

+/-8_______Scientific methodology is solid (i.e. controls, multiple trials etc.)

+/-4_______Includes details of planned data analysis

+/-5_______Methodology is described in enough detail to allow replication


+/-5_______Appropriate data clearly presented and elaborated

+/-5_______Experiments are logically connected

+/-5_______Writing exhibits scientific style: clear and to the point

+/-4_______Writing exhibits proper grammar and spelling

+/-3_______Abbreviations are defined when first used

+/-3_______Figures and tables well annotated

+/-3_______References are in standard format


+/-4_______Major findings are highlighted

+/-5_______Conclusions form a clear link between the data and the research question

+/-4_______Successfully addresses other issues pertinent to the research

+/-5_______Demonstrates clear and thoughtful scientific inquiry

+/-7_______Additional, overall, quality components_____________________________