What does a quality STEM school or program look like?
What attributes should be present? The NC STEM Learning Network, the NC Department of Public Instruction, and the William & Ida Friday Institute for Education Innovation along with the Golden Leaf Foundation, and others have developed a comprehensive list of STEM attributes. These attributes – a checklist of characteristics that are hallmarks of programmatic quality in STEM education – are based on local, state and national research and public feedback from 125 practitioners, educators, and business leaders.

The attributes have three pillars:

  • Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum, aligned with state, national, international and industry standards.
  • On-going community and industry engagement
  • Connections with postsecondary education

These attributes have been adopted by the NC State Board of Education and will serve as the standard measure of quality STEM programs in the state.

Along with the STEM Attributes, STEM Implementation Rubrics have been developed to assist schools or programs in learning the steps necessary to be a quality STEM school or program. Schools or programs interested in being recognized by the NC State Board of Education as STEM Schools or STEM Programs can submit an application using these rubrics: