Holly Ren

Holly: Journey to the East

The trip was a long ride to say the least. 13 hours. 7000 miles. And sleep. Lots of sleep.
The flight was a lot more comfortable than I expected: personal screens, an endless selection of movies and shows (enough to get you through the 13 hour flight and more), and food every 3 hours or so. But still, amidst all the weariness I felt trying to overcome the jetlag, I had a feeling of restlessness.

And China didn’t disappoint.

As we started to descend down into Beijing—and tried to overcome the nausea the turbulence did to our stomachs—I was amazed by the size and scope of the land. I saw towering mountains, sprawling plains, and huge cities. This was a place full of history as well one entering a new age. We’re about to begin our journey in China.

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