The following components are indicators of quality project submissions and are closely correlated with the North Carolina Graduation Project:


  • Title describes intent concisely and appropriately
  • Effectively defines the research problem and states the research question
  • Research problem is creative, sensible and substantive
  • Abstract conveys sense of the full problem concisely and effectively


  • Project components listed in adequate detail
  • Correlated timeline included
  • Budget included
  • Other important project details included

Research Mentorship

  • Suitable mentor identified and recruited, if applicable
  • Mentor(s) given proper credit

Research Paper and Report

  • Problem and associated concepts are adequately researched
  • Writing exhibits scientific style: clear and to the point
  • Writing exhibits proper grammar and spelling
  • All appropriate sources are listed
  • Citations and references adhere to proper format
  • Successfully establishes the scientific concept of the research
  • States hypothesis and provides logical reasoning for it
  • Methodology is described in enough detail to allow replication
  • Scientific methodology is solid (i.e. controls, multiple trials, etc.)
  • Appropriate data is presented
  • Conclusions demonstrate a clear link between the data and the research question
  • Successfully addresses other issues pertinent to the research
  • Demonstrates clear and thoughtful scientific inquiry

Research Project

  • Physical manifestations of the research are developed
  • Portfolio developed

Oral Research Presentation, if invited

  • Opens with effective statement of overall findings
  • Presents verbal findings clearly and with sufficient support
  • Presents visuals clearly and accurately
  • Format of tables and figures are correct
  • Handouts provided
  • Artifacts provided
  • Persuasive arguments are presented
  • Conclusions are drawn and presented
  • Demonstrates ownership of research project
  • Able to explain research project to non-scientists