Components of Successful Maker Space Projects

The following components are indicators of quality project submissions and are closely correlated with the North Carolina Graduation Project:


  • Title describes project concisely and appropriately
  • Project addresses a problem that can be undertaken using STEM maker methods (typically but not limited to innovative technologies such as electronics, 3-D printing, robotics and microprocessors)


  • Project components listed in adequate detail
  • Equipment used listed in adequate detail
  • Correlated timeline included
  • Budget included
  • Other important project details included


  • If applicable, mentor identified with details about mentorship involvement

Maker Report

  • Writing explains inspiration behind the project and background research conducted
  • Making of project is described in enough detail to allow replication
  • Writing exhibits proper grammar and spelling
  • Photographs or video are provided to show work on the product and final product

    At least three pictures of the work in jpg form and a short (3 minute or less video) about the project, which introduces the core values of the work, the problem it solves and its working principle.

    Instructions for uploading video: Videos should be uploaded to YouTube. To keep your video private, please set its YouTube privacy setting to “Unlisted”. Unlisted videos will not appear in public feeds and searches, but judges will be able to access your video for review purposes. For instructions on configuring video privacy settings, please read this support document.