Outstanding Instructional Leader Award in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

This award recognizes a North Carolina formal or informal instructional leader who excels in fulfilling the mission of the North Carolina Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center. The mission of the SMT Center is to systematically improve performance in science, mathematics, and technology preK-12 education as a means of providing all children in North Carolina with the necessary knowledge and skills in science, mathematics, and technology to have successful careers, be good citizens, and advance the economy of the state.

The recipient of the award will receive a $1,500 prize and will be honored at the Celebration of Science, Mathematics, and Technology. A profile of the instructional leader will be featured on the SMT Center Web site.

The instructional leader can self-nominate or be nominated by others.

Award submission requirements

The nominator is responsible for completing the nomination packet including letters of support. Deadline for receipt of all materials including support letters: December 1.

Components of nomination packet:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Narrative about instructional leader. Describe and provide examples of how the instructional leader:
    • Demonstrates a commitment to high-quality SMT education
    • Supports educators (in-service or pre-service) in their professional development/learning in SMT with a particular emphasis on innovative teaching practice and deepening their content knowledge
    • Provides resources (materials, space, class time, etc.) to enable students to actively engage in science, mathematics, and/or technology
    • Creates an environment that fosters innovative teaching and learning of SMT
    • Inspires teachers and students to excel in teaching and learning of SMT
    • Involves community in SMT programs

    Narrative about instructional leader should not exceed 1,500 words and should address each of the criteria for the award.

  • Letters of support from two individuals. The letters should make a compelling case why the individual should be honored. Letters should not exceed 750 words each and should be submitted using the Letter of Support Form.
    Once the nomination form is submitted, you will receive an email confirming the nomination. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please contact the SMT Center at smt@bwfund.org or 919-991-5111.