McClintock Partners in Education (McPIE), located in Charlotte, was formed as a partnership between Christ Lutheran Church and McClintock Middle School. McPIE facilitates a partnership of the church and community with faculty, students and their families to promote education and enrichment as a pathway out of poverty. The group organizes clubs and events throughout the year that expose children to technology training in a hands-on learning environment. Activities range from the Computer Building Club where students build their own PC towers, to the Engineering Club where members learn mechanical engineering lessons on refurbished bicycles which they earn and take home.

Now in its sixth year, McClintock Partners In Education (McPIE) is a community outreach program, sponsored by Christ Lutheran Church in Charlotte, NC, which supports the students, families, faculty and staff at McClintock Middle School. McPIE programs include weekly Family Nights, daytime tutoring, summer STEM camps for 200 students, full-day Freedom School literacy-based summer program for 90 students who are below grade level in reading, Teacher Partners, classroom supplies, and family support programs. McPIE has embraced project-based 21st century learning opportunities and hands-on inquiry as a way to effectively engage students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and pave new future pathways.

McPIE Partners: