Bernard Arghiere is being recognized for his volunteer efforts and commitment to public education in astronomy in Western North Carolina. He recently donated a 102mm apochromatic refractor telescope for use in evening student and public programs, as well as a telescope dedicated solely to solar viewing, and a “Sunspotter” for solar viewing for the younger audience. In addition to his donations to The Health Adventure, Mr. Arghiere has developed and led many astronomy programs in Asheville.

In her nomination letter, Jenny Mercer, science and health educator at The Health Adventure in Asheville, wrote:

“Bernie has donated quality equipment and telescopes. He has trained our educators both in use of the telescope and astronomy, and conducted programs for our museum visitors. He has led our efforts to bring astronomy to under-served communities particularly local public housing. Bernie has made it possible for us to inspire and teach others. His leadership is a perfect example of ‘paying it forward,’ as we take his appreciation of science and then teach budding new scientists.”