Novozymes North America, Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company and world leader in bioinnovation. For the past two decades, Novozymes has demonstrated support of SMT education by donating time, equipment and monetary resources to elementary, middle and high school students in Franklin, Wake, Durham, and other area counties. Employees at Novozymes have volunteered their time at local elementary, middle and high schools as guest classroom speakers and career fair participants, in addition to other roles.

Employees at Novozymes have supplemented classroom instruction in a variety of disciplines at Youngsville Elementary School. Microbiologists have worked with a group of students on wetlands and water quality issues. Soil scientists have presented classroom demonstrations aligned with the standard course of study to both third and fifth grades. According to the principal of Youngsville Elementary School, Richard Smith, Jr., “In an elementary school with limited resources and a small travel budget, Novozymes made it possible for our children to see and experience REAL science, most for the first time.”